Herd of 'Baby Trump' Balloons Arriving to NJ are Up for Adoption

After hearing about the 'Baby Trump' balloon flying over London, two New Jersey residents started a GoFundMe to bring it stateside. Now a herd of the balloons are arriving and they're up for adoption.

The campaign's organizers, Didier Jiminez-Castro from Hillsborough and Jim Girvan of Branchburg, announced that two of six 'Baby Trump' balloons had arrived and they're launching a service for people to 'adopt' the balloons.

We will be launching the Baby Trump Adoption Service, where you’ll find information on the qualifications for adoption and a visit by one of the Trump Babies. Like every adoption service, prospective parents will be interviewed and vetted to meet the requirements for a good parent. 

Though President Trump is expected to visit to Bedminster this weekend, you won't see the balloons in the air. In addition to the Federal Aviation Administration's temporary flight restriction, Girvan said the balloons are't ready yet. They expect that they'll take flight at the end of August.

Read the NorthJersey.com story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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