One Item Stolen During Space Farms Burglary

Police are looking to a burglary that happened last week at Space Farms Zoo and Museum. Though the museum is home to hundreds of items, the burglar only took one thing.

The owners of Space Farms, Parker and Jill Space, reported the break-in to police after they were notified that an alarm was set off. Apparently the intruder smashed through the main building's glass front-door and grabbed the single item before leaving. Luckily no people or animals were hurt during the break-in.

Police haven't described what was stolen but Space Farms is home to a ton of antiques, including cars, motorcycles, dolls, firearms, and Native American artifacts. Hopefully whatever was taken will be returned to back to the Space family soon.

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Photo: Stephanie Walbeck / EyeEm / Getty Images

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