Phish Festival Curveball Cancelled Due to Watkins Glen Water Contamination

Curveball, a Phish Festival in Watkins Glen, was forced to cancel due to contamination at the local water treatment plant. Unfortunately, this meant the festival was unable to provide festival-goers and vendors with clean water. Phish said they were backstage when they found out the news.

We were about to walk onstage only moments ago for our traditional soundcheck jam for Curveball when we were told the heartbreaking news that due to the unsafe water conditions in the Village of Watkins Glen, our beloved festival is being canceled.

The festival was supposed to begin tomorrow Friday, Aug 17 and many people, including my brother, were already in Watkins Glen with their campsite set up when they announced the cancellation. 

The New York Department of Health said the severe storm earlier this week is to blame for the contamination and that they exhausted all options before deciding to cancel the event.

See Curveball's announcement below. 

Sarah the Web Girl


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