Byram Lake Faces Pushback Over Community Association Plan

Photo: Arya Kalashi / EyeEm / Getty Images

The Cranberry Lake Community Club in Byram has gotten a negative response to their plan of becoming a community association with annual dues. The members-only club runs a beach, clubhouse, and several summer activities but residents were quick to point out that the lake is owned by the state who acquired it after the Morris Canal Company went out of business. 

The areas that would be affected by the plan include Frenche's Grove, Cabin Springs Park, Weaver House Cove, Weaver House Heights, Strawberry Point, Laurel Cove, Della Heights, Briar Heights and Whitney Point.

Kristine Cerza, one of the residents opposed to the change, said that becoming a community association wouldn't improve anything for her family.

"My boat is tied up at my dock. If I want to swim, I just go to the lake. The town plows the roads. Just what does this ‘planned development' do for me? Nothing."

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