Schools Can Designate an Employee as a Safety Specialist

Photo: Andrea Chu / Getty Images

In an effort to prevent a tragedy from occurring in New Jersey schools, Gov. Phil Murphy signed bipartisan legislation that widens the pool of people who can serve as a school safety specialist. Now district superintendents will be able to choose an employee with experience to the position. 

School safety specialists serve as liaison between the district and law enforcement, agencies and organizations. To become a school safety specialist, the qualified candidate has to complete a certification program. 

Sen. Steven Oroho sponsored the legislation and said safety in school is a priority. 

"Our foremost responsibility must be to ensure that children in New Jersey have a safe place to learn and grow. Now, more than ever, we must designate experienced and trained staff members who can take charge of school security, so that our schools do not fall victim to the same tragedies we have seen in other parts of the country. This law is critical to keeping our children and teachers safe from harm."

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