Mosquitos Carrying West Nile Found in Rockaway

Photo: Joao Paulo Burini / Getty Images

Mosquitos found near Peterson Field in Rockaway tested positive for West Nile Virus adding to the 452 positive pools found in New Jersey so far this year. 

While Sussex County has only had 2 pools have tested positive for West Nile, Bergen and Morris County have seen the highest number of mosquito pools out of any other county. But, don't freak out about contracting West Nile virus. There have only been three cases of infected humans in the New Jersey.

According to officials, the seemingly endless rainy weather is to blame for the increase in these pesky bugs and positive pools. Last year there were only 272 pools but we've seen record rainfall this summer. To help prevent mosquitos from multiplying, officials recommend dumping any water that has accumulated like in trashcans or flower pots. 

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