John McCain Stops Brain Cancer Treatments

Photo: Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Today, Senator John McCain's family announced he will stop treatments for brain cancer. The 81-year-old was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive tumor, last year. 

His daughter, Meghan, tweeted the family's statement earlier today and thanked everyone for the "love and generosity" they've seen.

"Our family is immensely grateful for the support and kindness of all his caregivers over the last year, and for the continuing outpouring of concern and affection from John's many friends and associates, and the many thousands of people who are keeping him in their prayers. God bless and thank you all."

McCain has lived quite a life. He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, has been a Senator for over 30 years, and ran for president twice. 

For people who get surgery, chemotherapy, and go through radiation, the median survival time with glioblastoma is 15 to 16 months. But, everyone is different and some people have been known to live longer. 

However long McCain has left, we hope the time he has left is pain-free and spent with his loved ones. 

Sarah the Web Girl


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