Anti-Trump Billboard Pops Up in North Jersey

Photo: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

There's a few ways to show your support or dislike for a political figure. Instead of buying a t-shirt or lawn-sign, one Bronx man decided to have an anti-Trump billboard put up in Union. 

Neil Harrison paid $1,000 for the Morris Avenue billboard that features an unflattering photo of Donald Trump with the phrase "Our leader the idiot." According to, Harrison is using the billboard to promote a documentary he's producing, but it's also for spreading "his message against the president."

Since New York doesn't permit political messages on billboards, the Bronx native chose New Jersey instead. Though it doesn't violate local laws, the billboard isn't sitting well with residents who think it's a reflection of the town. Union Township has been encouraging outraged residents to contact the company that owns the billboard, Out Front Media.

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