Attorney says Money Raised for Homeless Vet is Gone

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Last month Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless veteran, filed a lawsuit against Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico after they refused to give him access to the money raised for him on GoFundMe. Now his attorney, Christopher C. Fallon, Jr., says "there is no money left" of the $400,000 that was donated.

The New Jersey couple claims that they spent half of the donated money on a trailer, clothes, cellphones, and a truck for Bobbitt. Simple math tell us that there should be $200,000 left. But, during an appearance on the Megyn Kelly Today show last week McClure and D'Amico said there was $150,000 left. 

Fallon discovered there was actually nothing left when the couple was ordered by a Superior Court Judge to turn over the money to Bobbitt's attorneys. Not only is Bobbitt is "devastated," but Fallon is requesting to go over the couple's financial records to see where the money went. 

Read the WPVI News story here.

Dispute Over GoFundMe Money Raised by NJ Couple
Dispute Over GoFundMe Money Raised by NJ Couple
Johnny Bobbitt thinks the couple spent the donated money on vacations and gambling
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