Hopatcong Man Accused of Sexual Assault to Pay $1 Million in Settlement

Photo: Pixabay

A Hopatcong man who used to work for Byram Bus Lines will pay $1 million to a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted. The woman, now 21, rode his bus as a child.

Edward Comperchio would reportedly pick the girl up at her bus stop before she was supposed to go to school and bring her to a vacant lot where he would molest her. Afterward, he would continue his normal bus route.

The 83-year-old was arrested in May 2009 and indicted on 20 counts but the state negotiated with him for probation in 2013. As part of the deal Comperchio plead guilty to fourth-degree abuse of a minor. 

The girl's father filed a civil suit after sentencing. Instead of going to trial, Comperchio, Mount Arlington School District, and Byram Bus Line agreed to settle. The school district will be shelling out $250k while the bus company's amount is confidential. 

Read the NJHerald.com story here.

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