Most Googled Money Terms in New Jersey

Everyone loves cash but not everyone is searching the same thing online when it comes to money. took a look at Google searches over the last year and found out some pretty interesting things.

An increasingly popular source of personal finance advice is Reddit. One of the fastest-growing queries related to this topic is for the “r/personalfinance” subreddit. Searchers also want to find the “Reddit personal finance flowchart.”

Not only are people turning to Reddit for financial help, but with the rise of Bitcoin people are looking to find out more about cryptocurrency.

Queries for cryptocurrency-related terms have shot up. Searches for “Bitcoin value” and “Bitcoin price” were more common around the time the cryptocurrency’s value peaked in late 2017. This event also bumped up similar searches for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

New Jerseyeans aren't focused on either of those topics though. Residents are more interested in buying cars with the top search being “car lease." Other top searches for the Garden State included “invest in stocks,” “how to invest,” and “CD rates.”

Check out the's full story here and use the interactive map below to see the top search in each state.

Sarah the Web Girl


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