North Jersey Shelter Transporting Animals Away from Hurricane

Photo: Pixabay

A North Jersey animal shelter is saving the lives of cats and dogs in North Carolina by transporting them away from the impending storm. With Hurricane Florence headed toward the East Coast, people are preparing for the worst. Unfortunately shelters in North Carolina are doing so by euthanizing animals because no one would be able to get to them during the storm. 

Eleventh Hour Rescue decided to help by bringing the animals to New Jersey and they're actively looking for foster homes. They posted a message to their Facebook page encouraging people to fill out foster applications.

We need foster homes to save these animals. The more people who offer to foster, the more we can save. If you are in the Northern NJ area and can help, please fill out our canine or feline foster application at and mention the hurricane animals. We will reach out to you immediately. 

Sarah the Web Girl


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