Tennis Umpires May Boycott Serena Williams' Matches

Photo: Elsa / Getty Images

You haven't heard the last of Serena Williams' match at the US Open. Tennis umpires are reportedly thinking about boycotting Williams' future matches after seeing what occurred after the US Open. According to The Times of London, they feel that Carlos Ramos, the umpire that Williams called a thief, is being unfairly criticized. 

Everyone seems to have taken a side in this debate, including tennis organizations. The U.S. Tennis Association and Women's Tennis Association are supporting Williams while the International Tennis Federation stood by Ramos' decisions.

In my opinion, Naomi Osaka is the biggest victim from this situation. The poor woman worked her a** off to get to the US Open and after she wins, she ends up apologizing and crying in front of an audience that's booing at her. 

Sarah the Web Girl


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