10 Things Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Should Know About Owning A Pig

It looks like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are pig-parents! The songstress posted videos and photos on her Instagram stories of the adorable brown piglet and Pete even got a tattoo to commemorate the newest addition to their family. It looks like the little oinker is named Piggy Smalls, which I find hilarious because my pig has the same name, but it's spelt Piggie Smalls.

From one pig owner to another, here are some things the couple should know:

1. There's no such thing as a micro-pig. One of the biggest misconceptions with pet pigs is the terms used to describe their size. Some breeders label their pigs as "micro" or "teacup" size to trick people into thinking it will stay little forever. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of pigs end up getting re-homed or left with rescues. They grow for 3 to 5 years and a "mini" pig can weigh anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds. When I first got my fur-baby she was 2 months old and just over 2 pounds. She's now 7 and 1/2 months old and about 15 pounds.

2. Pigs are incredibly smart. They're actually the 5th smartest animal behind humans, chimps, dolphins, and elephants. You can train pigs to go in a litter-box and they can learn skills like spin, up, and kiss. 

3. They can be super loud. I love my pig, but she wakes me up between 4 and 5 a.m. everyday. Like clockwork, I can count on her to start loudly snorting and then elevate to screeching if I don't get up. Pigs love to get loud when they're unhappy and it's usually a sign that they want food or attention. 

4. It's like living with a toddler. Pigs need lots of attention. If you don't give your fur-baby a lot of love and work on training them everyday then they'll act out and be destructive. Two weeks ago Smalls ripped up a piece of floor trim and this morning she broke her food bowl because she felt like we weren't paying enough attention to her.

5. They can't eat everything. Like humans, pigs require diet and exercise and there are certain foods they have to avoid. Avocado, chocolate, meat and dairy are just a few on the list. Salt is the biggest ingredient to avoid because pigs don't sweat and they can get salt poisoning.

6. Pigs have a good memory. You'll be surprised at how good of a memory your pig will have. Smalls knows the entire layout of our house and remembers that the kitchen is where food comes from.

7. Peanut butter and Cheerios are great snacks. While most pigs love any kind of snack, these two seem to be the top favorites. From my experience, cheerios are good for training and peanut butter is great for keeping a pig distracted during bath time and during trips to the vet.

8. Spay/Neuter makes all the difference. Not only does spaying/neutering your pig prevent unintentional breeding, it has a big affect on their attitude. Female pigs that aren't spayed get destructive and aggressive during heat cycles and they'll mark their territory by urinating anywhere in the house. Male pigs that aren't neutered are aggressive and will emit a disgusting odor.

9. They can walk on a leash. It's very different from walking a dog, but pigs can be taught to walk on a leash. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes encouragement with treats. Pigs can't wear collars so I recommend a harness like the one pictured above. This way the pig can't back out of it and run off.

10. Pigs can be therapy animals. Yes just like dogs, pigs can be therapy animals and visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries to provide comfort. They do have to be trained though in order to become a therapy animal.

Check out the video of Ariana and Pete's pig and the photo of Pete's tattoo below.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Parents to an Adorable Pet Pig
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Parents to an Adorable Pet Pig
New parents alert! See snaps of the tiny pig and Pete Davidson’s new tattoo in honor of their furry friend:
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