South Jersey Police Looking for Loose Alligator

Photo: Pixabay

First an alligator is found in a New Jersey pond, now this! Mullica Township residents have been warned to watch out for a 3 to 4 foot alligator roaming around town. The police department warned locals via Facebook yesterday.

"We are working with our partners in the animal protection and care fields to locate the animal. Residents should be cautious letting small pets out in this area and to not approach the animal if it is located."

All I can say is the alligators better stay in South Jersey because I did not sign up for dodging them when I leave my house! 

Read the story here.

An Alligator Found In A New Jersey Pond
An Alligator Found In A New Jersey Pond
Imagine walking your dog in Jersey, only to see an alligator? Yikes! #nj #sussexcounty #essexcounty #alligator #gator #exotic
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