Sparta's Helen Morgan School Closing Ahead of Air Quality Test Results

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The Sussex County mold saga continues with Sparta's Helen Morgan School announcing that they will be closed tomorrow. Earlier this week mold was found in an unoccupied classroom and air quality testing revealed elevated levels of aspergillus/penicillium in the room. 

Unfortunately, a second test revealed that the levels haven't decreased. Instead of waiting for the results of a schoolwide test, administrators are being proactive and choosing to close the school. The district announced the closure on their website.

Based on current testing results, it has not been recommended that we close school.  As we await the results of the schoolwide testing at Helen Morgan School that were completed today, we do not expect the results to be available until late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Accordingly, we have decided to proceed with an abundance of caution; therefore, tomorrow, Thursday, September 20, 2018 the Helen Morgan School will be closed.  We want to give parents and guardians time to make childcare arrangements and not wait until later tonight or early tomorrow morning to make our decision.  All other schools will remain open and operate on their regular schedules. 

Fredon and Hopatcong schools have also been dealing with mold-related closures with the latter missing the entire first week of school. 

You can read the school district's full statement here.

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