NJ Man Dies from Brain-eating Amoeba Contracted at Texas Park

A New Jersey man has died from a "brain-eating amoeba" after visiting a wave pool at BSR Cable Park in Central Texas. Fabrizio Stabile tested positive for Naegleria fowleri, a rare amoeba that has a fatality rate of nearly 98% and is usually found in warm freshwater places.

The 29-year-old was reportedly mowing his lawn on Sunday September 16 when he got a severe headache. After laying down and taking medicine, he was still in pain. By Monday afternoon, his mother went to check on him and Stabile couldn't get out of bed or speak coherently.  He was rushed to the hospital where doctor's ran tests and tried to treat his brain swelling and fever. Unfortunately on Thursday his family learned that he tested positive for the amoeba and it was too late to administer the drug that could have saved him. Stabile passed away the next day.

Stabile's family has created a foundation in his memory to raise awareness to the rare infection. 

Read the NJ.com story here.

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