EPA Approves Meadowlands Toxic Waste Cleanup

Photo: Charissa Van Straalen / EyeEm / Getty Images

Earlier today, October 2, federal officials approved of a multi-year plan to remove toxic waste from Berry's Creek in the Meadowlands. It will be one of the largest toxic waste cleanups ever in the state.

Berry's Creek, part of the Ventron/Velsicol Superfund site, is contaminated with mercury waste, PCBs, and other toxic materials. The EPA reportedly plans to dredge the sediment to a depth of two feet and separate the water from it. They'll then transport the sediment to a disposal site, the water will be treated and put back in Berry's Creek, and the dredged areas will be replaced with clean fill.

The process will take about five years, two years for design and at least three years for follow through.

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