Gingerbread Castle to be Restored

Photos: Sarah the Web Girl

The Gingerbread Castle, a once-popular amusement park, in Hamburg, NJ, is set to be restored. The new owner, Don Oriolo, is reportedly planning to have it ready for visitors next season and eventually wants to bring the petting zoo and trains back.

This Sussex County gem was originally owned by F.H. Bennett, owner of Bennett Biscuit Company in New York City. He bought the property so he could expand his business and commissioned Austrian architect Joseph Urban to design the castle, which opened in 1930. 

It was a popular tourist destination for decades but by the 1980's interest in the park died down. The property was subsequently abandoned and vandals covered many of the walls with graffiti.

Oriolo told News 12 New Jersey that he has photographs of the park in its prime that they'll use to reproduce the original look. 

Read the News 12 New Jersey story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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