Selective Insurance Matches Reward for Info on Hampton Hate Crimes

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Yesterday a $5,000 reward was announced for any information that leads to the arrest of the vandals responsible for the two separate incidents of hate crimes at a Hampton home. Now Selective Insurance in Branchville is matching the Sussex County Sheriff's Crimestoppers' reward.

The homeowners targeted in the hate crimes work for Selective Insurance and the company stated that they "stand united against hate and intolerance."

"Hate has no home anywhere, but particularly in Sussex County, where our company was founded and has remained headquartered since 1926."

Two weeks ago the family found swastikas and offensive words spray-painted on the their garage and Gottheimer campaign sign. The following week, on the same morning a rally was held to promote acceptance and unity, new anti-Semitic messages were spray-painted on the road in front of their house.

Anyone with information can contact the Crimestoppers hotline at 973-300-CRIME. Their information and identity will remain anonymous. 

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5K Reward for Info on Hampton Hate Crimes
5K Reward for Info on Hampton Hate Crimes
Anti-Semitic messages were spray-painted on a family's garage, Gottheimer campaign sign, and the road in front of their house
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