10 States Impacted the Most by Hurricanes

Photo: Robert LeBlanc / Getty Images

The U.S. has seen a lot of devastating hurricanes in the last 5 years and right now Florida's Panhandle is preparing to be hit by Hurricane Michael. With so many severe hurricanes lately, Safewise took a look at their impact and determined which states have been affected the most.

By analyzing hurricane data and calculating the monetary damage in each state from 2013 to 2017, Safewise found that last year was the most expensive year on recored for weather-related disasters. 

Topping 2017’s list of billion-dollar weather events were three hurricanes—Harvey, Maria, and Irma. Of the $310 billion in weather-related damage in 2017, hurricanes accounted for a whopping 86%.

The state with the most monetary damage was Texas at $61.8 billion. New Jersey landed 8th on the list with damage worth $32 million.

See the full list on Safewise.

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