Family Sues After Funeral Home Allegedly Let Body Decompose Before Funeral

Photo: Pixabay

A woman is suing a Camden funeral home for emotional distress, consumer fraud and breach of contract after they reportedly failed to embalm her brother's body. Ashkeya Pratt-Williams filed the suit against Carl Miller Funeral Home and its employees alleging she was told the body was "stored" in a garage and "was decomposing and had an odor." 

Pratt-William's cousin, Jeri McBride, took to Facebook live to further explain the situation. She claims that on the first day they contacted the funeral home, they gave permission to embalm the body. But, according to McBride, three days later the funeral home said they were still waiting on the family to sign off on embalming.

The funeral home manager reportedly recommended the family have the body cremated and hold a closed casket ceremony instead of the open-casket ceremony that was planned. The family was robbed of their last chance to say goodbye and ended up holding a service at a different funeral home instead.

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