NJ Couple Shot Dog with BB Gun 6 Times, Were Trying to Kill It

Photo: Pixabay

A New Jersey couple is facing weapons charges after attempting to kill their border collie, Scout. They reportedly shot the dog six times with a BB gun because they could no longer afford him. 

Keith Ropp and Carly McBride took the dog into a wooded area of Mount Olive to kill him, but when the dog didn't die they took him to a veterinary clinic. After the vet noticed the wounds he called the police and officers arrived to take the couple in for questioning. 

Ropp allegedly admitted to shooting the dog because they were trying to put him down. They reportedly said they tried to find a new home for the dog but were unable to due to his age. 

The couple is being charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a handgun. Their next court date is scheduled for October 24.

Read the DailyRecord.com story here.

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