DEP Won't Help Stop Alleged Vernon Dumping, Says it's the Town's Problem

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Unfortunately for Vernon Township, the state won't be getting involved in the suspected dumping ground saga regarding 3 Silver Spruce Lane. The Department of Environmental Protection has declined to test the soil at the alleged dump site and said it's up to the town to deal with the problem.

To make matters worse, an independent lab test of groundwater that a neighbor thinks is seeping from the dump site reportedly tested positive for high levels of lead. According to the New Jersey Herald, the results showed that presence of lead in the water was 15 times greater than the limit allowed by the DEP. 

The Sussex County Soil Conservation District issued a new stop-work order that states Wallace must get an approved soil erosion and sediment control plan before he can dump any more dirt or fill on his property. But, it hasn't done much to stop the alleged dumping. Residents reportedly have video footage that shows the stop-work order being violated. 

While the state declined to get involved in the issue U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, who visited the alleged dump site in July, says he'll keep trying to help.

"I've seen with my own eyes the solid waste -- the rebar, the asphalt -- at the top of that pile, and someone needs to get to the bottom of it as well. I'll even go get a shovel and take the sample myself if they give me permission. Hopefully there's nothing there, but until the DEP does its job, I'm not giving up."

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