Newton, Franklin, & Ogdensburg to Offer Free Full-day Preschool

Photo: Pixabay

Three Sussex County school districts will be offering full-day preschool for free. Newton, Franklin and Ogdensburg applied for funding through New Jersey's Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Education.

According to the New Jersey Herald, Newton received $867,954, Franklin received $349,492 and Ogdensburg received $281,952 in aid. All three districts plan to open the preschool programs on January 2 with Franklin and Ogdensburg already opening registration.

This is great news! I don't have kids yet but I think there are so many benefits to a free preschool program. Not only will the kids get to socialize with other children their age, but they'll be prepared when they go into kindergarten. It could also give stay-at-home parents who couldn't afford to pay for preschool a chance to work go back to work.

Read the story here.

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