Mold Found in William Paterson University Dorms, Students Relocated

Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images

Dozens of William Paterson University students were temporarily relocated to other living accommodations after mold was found in seven of 10 buildings on campus, including several dorm rooms. The university is reportedly paying $2,500 to $7,000 per room to clean the affected .

One student aired his frustration with the living conditions on Twitter. He posted photos of the mold in his dorm room and mushrooms growing in the hallway of the building.

I got my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from William Paterson and lived on campus for two years. While I never personally dealt with mold on campus, it's not surprising to hear that it's an issue. Some of the buildings are very old and with the rainy summer we had, mold is bound to happen. Hopefully after the cleaning company is done, this will be the last the students see of it.

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