Elle Magazine Promotes Voter Registration with Fake News, Receives Backlash

Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

Here's today's lesson on what magazines shouldn't do when it comes to social media. On Thursday, October 18, Elle Magazine tweeted that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were splitting up with a link that users assumed would bring them to an article on the subject. Instead the link associated with the tweet brought readers to a website to register to vote.

While promoting voter registration is great, using clickbait is the wrong way to go. News organizations have it tough enough with the current climate and controversy around "fake news." This tweet gives people another reason to be untrustworthy of publications. 

To make matters worse, Elle ripped the idea for the tweet off of another user. Last week Ashlee Marie Preston tweeted "Welp...it’s official...Kim Kardashian finally decided to divorce Kanye West..." with a link to a voter registration site. 

Many people found Preston's tweet funny, but Elle Magazine's tweet garnered a lot of criticism. The magazine has since deleted their tweet but many users expressed their frustration with the company.

Sarah the Web Girl


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