Sparta Man Arrested on 17 Summonses

Photo: Sigel Eschkol / EyeEm / Getty Images

A Sparta man was arrested on 17 summonses after Jefferson Police stopped him for speeding. Robert Hobbs, was driving on Route 15 South when police attempted to pull him over. He reportedly pulled into the Weichert Realtors' parking lot and ran away.

The officers were able to catch up to the 41-year-old and arrested him for the following charges:

  • 2C:29-2A(2) RESIST ARR/ELUD
  • 2C:29-1A Obstruction
  • 2C: 12-13 Throwing Bodily fluid at a Law Enforcement Officer
  • 2C:12-3A Threatening Officers
  • 39:4-50 Operating Under Influence of Liquor
  • 39:4-98 Speeding
  • 39:4-88B Failure to maintain lane
  • 13:20-26.11 Failure to inspect
  • 39:3-10.24 Refusal to submit to Breathalyzer
  • 39:4-50.4A Refusal to submit to chemical test
  • 39:3-40 Suspended DL
  • 39:3-29 Fail to Possess Driver's License
  • 39:3-29 Fail to Possess Drivers Insurance Card
  • 39:3-29 Fail to Possess Drivers Registration
  • 39:4-51A.B Open Container of Alcoholic Beverage
  • 39:4-96 Reckless Driving

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