How You Can Avoid the Flu at Work

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Flu season is upon us and avoiding it in common place like school or work can be tough. Luckily there are a few ways to protect yourself from getting the flu at work. Bustle put together a list of 15 products to keep on hand to stay healthy during flu season.

Here are my top four things to keep in the office:

1. Disinfecting wipes - The best way to combat your co-worker coming to the office sick is by disinfecting everything. Doorknobs, counters, desks, phones, wipe it all! 

2. Hand Sanitizer - You'd be surprised at how often you touch your face throughout the day so hand sanitizer is a must during flu season, especially if you aren't using disinfecting wipes in your office.

3. Vitamin Boost - Keeping your immune system strong is key to avoiding sickness so take a vitamin booster like Emergen-C to replenish your body's cold-fighting vitamins.

4. Throw Blanket - Research from Harvard Health says that our immune systems can be suppressed in the cold, making us more susceptible to getting sick. So grab a blanket, cuddle up, and keep warm to fend off the flu.

See Bustle's full list here

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