How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images

Halloween weekend is here! Keep your children and those trick-or-treating at your house safe with these tips from Safewise

1. Contain your pets. I'm sure you're pet is adorable but some people, kids and adults included, get scared when they hear a barking dog. Even if your pet is friendly, it could knock a child over and injure them. It's best to keep your pet secured inside the house until the trick-or-treating is over.

2. Avoid using candles. Costumes often involve long, flowy, and flammable pieces that can easily catch fire. Instead of using a real flame, opt for battery powered candles.

3. Consider candy choice. Halloween candy is THE BEST but, not all candy is appropriate for all children. Keep peanut allergies in mind when you're candy shopping since some children have severe allergies. Also think about candy that could pose as a choking hazard for younger kids. 

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