"Boy Meets World" Actor William Daniels Stops Attempted Home Burglary

"Boy Meets World" actor William Daniels aka Mr. Feeny foiled a home burglary over the weekend. Someone reportedly tried to break into Daniels' residence in the San Fernando Valley when him and his wife, Bonnie Bartlett, were home. 

The 91-year-old heard someone kick in the back door of their home and turned on the lights in the house, scaring the burglar off. Luckily Daniels and Bartlett were not injured during the incident and the police don't think they were targeted.

Daniels played Mr. Feeny for seven seasons on "Boy Meets World" and reprised his role for a few episodes on the Disney Channel spinoff "Girl Meets World."

Read the abc7.com story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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