Man Convicted of Kidnapping Newton Business Owner Awakens from Coma

Photo: Virojt Changyencham / Getty Images

A man that fell into a coma the day after being convicted of kidnapping a Newton business owner has awoken after three and a half years. Douglas Stangeland's condition is reportedly "very serious" and he's not able to communicate with anyone. 

In 2015 the 55-year-old was convicted of numerous charges, including conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping, but he was never formally sentenced. Stangeland worked with William Barger, Lonnie Swarnes, Andrew Wadel, and Roy Slates to kidnap Jeffrey Muller in 2010 because they thought he was the man that allegedly swindled Slates out of $500,000.

Muller was shocked with a stun gun and beaten before being kidnapped. The group tried to take him to Nevada, Mo. but their car broke down in Lake Ozark and Muller was able to escape.

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