New Jersey Colleges with the Lowest-paid Grads

Photo of Sussex County Community College by Sarah the Web Girl

We already know which New Jersey colleges and universities have the highest paid grads, but which have the lowest? Well, put together a list of the 18 schools with the lowest paid graduates using data from The U.S. Department of Education. They looked at the median annual earnings of graduates 10 years after they enrolled in college.

Sussex County's very own community college ranked 14th on the list with earnings of $34,600. Here are the three colleges with the lowest paid grads:

3. Passaic County Community College: $27,700

2. Atlantic Cape Community College: $27,400

1. Beth Medrash Govoha: $25,300

See the full list here.

New Jersey Colleges with the Highest Paid Grads
New Jersey Colleges with the Highest Paid Grads
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