Florida Dog Racing Ban Means 6,000 Greyhounds Will Need Homes

Photo: RHONA WISE / AFP / Getty Images

On November 6, Florida residents overwhelmingly voted to ban greyhound racing in the state. While it brings down an industry that has been historically cruel to dogs, it also puts the future of thousands of greyhounds into question.

The amendment, which passed with 69% approval, calls for dog racing to end by December 31, 2020. Florida hosts 11 of the 17 dog tracks in the United States, which means an estimated 6,000 dogs will need to be adopted.

If you've ever considered adopting a greyhound, now is the time to do it. They're sociable, gentle, and often great around kids, making them wonderful pets.

Interested? Learn more about adopting a greyhound from Florida advocacy groups like Friends of Greyhounds and Elite Greyhound Adoptions South Florida.

Sarah the Web Girl


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