Internet Debate: Are Oreos Black or Brown?

Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images

First there was the blue or gold dress argument. Then there was the "Yanni" or "Laurel" debate. Now everyone's fighting over the color of Oreos. Apparently some people think Oreos are brown, not black. 

There's been some pretty silly debates over the years but this one might be the most ridiculous. I don't understand how this even started because Oreos are clearly black! Who even sees them as brown?!?

To make matters worse Oreo's parent company Mondelez refuses to weigh in on the topic. The only comment they had on the matter was:

"We do not have a color assigned to the cookie portion of an OREO. Some people think the OREO is a shade of brown, while others view the color closer to black."

Let's end this debate right now. Tell us what color you think Oreos are below.

Sarah the Web Girl


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