Fireplace Explosion Damages Blairstown Home

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images

On November 3, Blairstown Police responded to an explosion at a home on Hope Road. The owners, Samuel and Alison Bolshoi were having two friends over for dinner and relaxing in their living room when they heard a loud hissing noise and sparks come from the fireplace.

Then two explosions occurred causing damage to the home and injuries to Alison and one of the other guests. The windows of the house were reportedly blown out, debris and shrapnel destroyed a curio cabinet and other items, and the floors in front of the fireplace were scorched.  

The explosion was reportedly caused by pipes that were inside the fireplace. They were used years ago to heat water before being fed to the swimming pool and hot water heater. The Bolshoi's were told that the system had been disconnected and shut down years ago but Blairstown Police Captain Scott Johnsen believes the pipes weren't drained, causing them to burst.

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