Security Breach at Franklin Borough School Yesterday

Photo: Sarah the Web Girl

The Franklin Borough School had a security breach yesterday, November 19. Administrators were notified by a teacher that an unidentified person entered the building at dismissal.

According to the school's Facebook page, the Franklin Borough Police Department and Morris County K-9 Unit were called in and did a sweep of the building. They didn't find the unidentified person inside the school and after looking at security footage, determined that the person left the building.

To prevent this situation from happening again in the future, the Chief School Administrator John Giacchi says that during dismissal students will only exit doors manned by staff members. Giacchi also noted that the school will be working with the Franklin Police to "identify further enhancements."

This is frightening. No one should be able to walk in and out of a school building without being vetted, especially with the number of school shootings and threats in recent years. The Franklin Borough School is lucky nothing happened and hopefully they will come up with a better security screening process.

Sarah the Web Girl


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