NJ Woman from GoFundMe Scam Gets Suspended from State Job

Kate McClure, one of the three people involved in the viral GoFundMe campaign that turned out to be a scam, has been suspended from her state job. The 28-year-old was a receptionist for the NJ Department of Transportation and reportedly made $43,000 per year. 

She had been working for the state since 2014 but the suspension didn't come as a surprise. Her lawyer told NJ.com that "they knew the suspension was likely."

McClure and Mark D'Amico had raised over $400,000 on GoFundMe under the guise that it would help a homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt. Unfortunately news broke last week that the entire thing was a scam and all three would be facing charges for conspiracy and theft by deception.

Read the NJ.com story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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