Vernon Man Arrested for Theft of Firearms

Photo: Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm / Getty Images

On Wednesday, November 14 Vernon Township Police arrested a resident following the investigation of theft of firearms from another resident. Dustin Wetterauw reportedly took firearms unlawfully and was not legally allowed to be in possession of them. 

After police put a warrant out for his arrest, Wetterauw was taken into custody in Paterson, NJ. According to the Vernon Township Police Department's Facebook page, officers were able to locate and recover one of the stolen handguns in Paterson, with the assistance of the Paterson Police Department. 

They were also able to identify another person in possession of the second stolen handgun and recovered that firearm in Newark, NJ. Both Dustin Wetterauw and Augustine Villegas have been charged.

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