My Turkey-Friendly Thanksgiving Traditions

Photo: Pixabay

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because nothing is better than food and family. But, since I'm a vegetarian you won't see turkey on my plate. 

Instead I opt to eat tofurkey (it's really not that bad) and each year I adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary which has locations in Watkins Glen, New York and Los Angeles, California. They've been running their annual Adopt a Turkey Project since 1986 and have rescued more than one thousand turkeys.

This year I adopted Ruthie who, according to Farm Sanctuary, was surrendered by her previous owner.

Ruthie’s former “owner” thought she was purchasing chicks for her backyard-hen flock; as Ruthie grew, though, the woman realized she was actually a turkey! Since she was unequipped to care for turkeys, however, Ruthie couldn’t stay. So she contacted Farm Sanctuary, where Ruthie now enjoys the happy life she deserves!

However you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones!

Sarah the Web Girl


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