13 NJ Counties that Clean Up the Most Dead Deer

Photo: Pixabay

It's not uncommon to see a dead deer on the side of the road while driving through New Jersey. But just how many were been removed from each county last year? Well, NJ.com looked at data from the New Jersey Department of Transportation to determine that. 

The Department of Transportation covers interstate and state highways while local municipalities are responsible for deer on roadways within their jurisdiction. The figures below reflect only what NJDOT covers.

Sussex County, which landed 8th on the list, removed 355 dead deer from roads in 2017.

Here are the 5 counties that removed the highest number of dead deer last year:

5. Mercer County - 539

4. Morris County - 624

3. Hunterdon County - 888

2. Somerset County - 930

1. Monmouth County - 1,026

See the full NJ.com list here

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