Vernon Electrician Arrested, Allegedly Installed Camera in Client's Home

Photo: Pixabay

A Vernon electrician was arrested on Friday, November 9 after allegedly installing a hidden camera in a client's home. Joseph Krenicky admitted to secretly recording the family for "sexual gratification" and is facing charges that include invasion of privacy and endangering the welfare of a child engaged in a sexual act.

The hidden camera was reportedly discovered after one of the residents went to take a shower in the bathroom that was under construction and saw a black box labeled "power bank." The box was hidden among tools and facing the shower. When the unnamed man inspected it he found a Micro SD card in it and concluded it was a "spy camera."

When police searched Krenicky's home they found even more recordings of the family, including a minor, in the shower. If convicted of all charges, the 47-year-old could spend up to 25 years in prison.

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