Andover Woman Facing Charges for DWI and Television Theft

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An Andover woman is facing possible indictment for driving while intoxicated and theft of televisions. Ruth Hook, a former healthcare worker, is no stranger to a court room. In September 2016 she was sentenced to probation and home detention after reportedly stealing $100,000 from a Stillwater family that employed her.

Her DWI charges stem from an incident that occurred on Saturday, October 20. Hook was driving her son and his two teammates on Main Street when Sparta police officers pulled her over for reportedly swerving in and out of the lane. 

The officers administered field sobriety tests which Hook failed so they transported her and the kids to police headquarters. She's facing numerous charges for the incident, including with driving while under the influence, consumption of alcohol in a vehicle, endangering the welfare of a child, and careless driving.

The 45-year-old was also charged with theft and burglary in December 2017 after allegedly stealing four televisions, valued at over $1,300, from a Sparta building. Her husband was reportedly hired to work on the commercial building and Hook gained access using a spare key.

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Andover Woman Charged with DWI, Son and His Teammates Were in Car
Andover Woman Charged with DWI, Son and His Teammates Were in Car
She's facing several charges including consumption of alcohol in a vehicle and careless driving.
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