NJ Woman Gets Wedding Ring Back 9 Years After Flushing it Down Toilet

Photos: Pink Pixel Photography / Getty Images

A New Jersey woman got her wedding ring back nine years after she accidentally flushed it down a toilet. Paula Stanton had been cleaning her bathroom and didn't notice her ring was gone until it was too late. 

Luckily, last month when Ted Gogol was doing maintenance work on a sewer line near the 60-year-old's house he saw a shiny object, Stanton's ring. Gogol knew who's ring it was because Stanton had previously mentioned her lost ring to someone at Somers Point's public works department.

The diamond-encrusted gold ring was boiled in peroxide and lemon juice a few times before returning to it's rightful spot on Stanton's finger.

Read the Press of Atlantic City story here.

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