8 NJ Private College Presidents with the Highest Pay

Photo: IronHeart / Getty Images

College presidents tend to make a decent salary with the average salary for the position being $560,000 in 2016. NJ.com took a look at tax forms filed by colleges and came up with a list of the eight highest paid New Jersey private college presidents. Here are the top three:

3. Seton Hall University 

  • President: A. Gabriel Esteban (He stepped down in 2017 and is now president of DePaul University)
  • Total compensation: $868,579
  • Base pay: $550,640

2. Princeton University

  • President: Christopher Eisgruber
  • Total compensation: $959,762
  • Base pay: $793,724

1. Stevens Institute of Technology

  • President: Nariman Farvardin
  • Total compensation: $1,583,817
  • Base pay:  $734,013

See the full NJ.com list here.

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