Aggressive Fox Causing Trouble in Hopatcong

Photo: Joop Zandbergen / Getty Images

An aggressive fox has been causing trouble for Hopatcong residents. According to the police department, three incidents involving a light brown fox were reported this week.

On Tuesday, December 11 the fox got into an altercation with a small dog on a property off of Evergreen Ave and Mohawk Ave. Later the same the fox went after two other dogs who were being walked by their owners. In both instances, the owners had to kick the fox to get it away from their dogs.

Police are asking residents who see the fox near Huron Tr, Evergreen Ave, Oneida Ave, Mohawk Ave, and the 500 Block of Maxim/River Styx to not approach the animal, leave quickly, and call the department at 973-398-5000. 

Read the Hopatcong Police Department's alert on their Facebook page.

Sarah the Web Girl


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