High Point Student Recorded School Van Driver Video Chatting While Driving

Photo: Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Getty Images

A High Point Regional High School student recorded a school van driver video chatting on a cell phone while driving last week. Now, the child's parent wants the driver removed and criminal charges filed against her. 

Michelle Urban's son took the video on Thursday afternoon, January 3. She reported the incident to the school the next day and posted the video to Facebook with the following caption:

*Now public and edited for clarity and sharing.* 

**School bus company D.W. Clark, Sussex County New Jersey**

Video from January 3rd. My sons School Van driver using FaceTime to video chat while driving him home from school this afternoon. Glad my child was able to document this gross negligence by a supposed professional driver. I will be reporting this tomorrow and hopefully this driver will NEVER be allowed to work with school children again.I’m completely and utterly shocked that this “woman” is brazen enough to do this full knowing that I myself am also a CDL van driver for children. Imagine if she was driving a child unable to speak or communicate??Many children I’ve driven over my nearly 15 year career have been like this, helpless against the actions of an adult trusted to safely transport them. I am thoroughly disgusted. Would you want your child driven by her??

Watch the video below and read the NJHerald.com story here.

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