Lenape Basketball Player's Family Says Wallkill Fans Yelled Racial Slurs

Photo by Sarah the Web Girl

The family of a Lenape Valley basketball player may take legal action against Wallkill Valley Regional High School after their African-American son, Nasir, was allegedly the subject of racial slurs from the crowd, according to the New Jersey Herald. Stephanie Dickerson, the player's mother, reportedly said Wallkill Valley supporters made "monkey" noises and yelled out words that included "monkey" and the "n-word."

She also said that both officials and school administrators did nothing to stop the derogatory statements aimed at her son. A post on Stephanie's Facebook page that includes a video clip from the game has been shared over 2,000 times. The post includes a screenshot of a message from a girl that identified herself as a stat girl for WVRHS. In the message the girl apologized for the actions of "girls outside" and said she's "sorry your parents and you had to go thru that."

The Dickerson family's lawyer, Eric Warner, told the New Jersey Herald that they're contemplating a suit "because we have to set a precedent that this is not acceptable."

Read the NJHerald.com story here.

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