Northwoods at Vernon Condos Fined Again, Bringing Total to Over $7 Million

Photo by Genaro Diaz Melendrez / EyeEm / Getty Images

The Northwoods at Vernon condos have been fined again by a municipal court judge, bringing the total to over $7 million. According to the New Jersey Herald, the most recent fine of $6.35 million was issued for failing to remedy fire code violations that date back more than three years.

The abandoned eight-unit condominium complex was previously fined over $600,000 by a Vernon judge for zoning and safety violations. The building, located between The Appalachian Hotel and the Vernon Medical Arts Building, has been unoccupied for over 10 years.

The owner of the property was allegedly issued violations over the last six years, including an order to demolish the building by September of 2014 but no work was ever done.

In the past three years the owner of the property reportedly refused to accept service of notices from zoning and building departments.

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Northwoods Condos Fined $672K by Vernon Judge
Northwoods Condos Fined $672K by Vernon Judge
The building has reportedly been unoccupied for 10 years.
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