State Releases Report After Investigating Andover Subacute Incident

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The state has released a report after investigating Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Two for a January 21 incident in which a woman was out in the cold without a coat and suffered serious frostbite. According to the New Jersey Herald, the 75-year-old was found at 4:45am by the housekeeping supervisor and was wearing only a short-sleeved shirt and pants.

According to the report, the woman left the building via the loading dock, scaled a 7-foot fence, and ended up in the parking lot. She "sustained abrasions on the back of the head, both feet and injury to the forearms."

The report notes that staff didn't respond to the door alarm that was tripped by the woman and they failed to check for any potentially missing residents. The report also identified prior staffing issues and the state is seeking a new plan of correction from Andover Subacute.

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State Investigates Incident at Andover Subacute & Rehab Center Two
State Investigates Incident at Andover Subacute & Rehab Center Two
Last month a resident wandered outside barefoot for 45 minutes and suffered serious frostbite.
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